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Getting older…is this really the direction I want to go in?

Hello there people. I haven’t posted anything in a while. I haven’t been active on GameJudgment either. Truth is, I never get enough spare time to do anything else.

I started to pursue a Computer Engineering degree from a university in India in August. It’s been two months and I am already regretting the decision to do so. Basically, the education system is so closed and strict that it makes Pentagon look like a public square. (Okay, bad analogy)

A few months ago, I had no other obligations. I could game, write about games, study in my own time, and basically do anything I wanted. Now, I get up at five, leave home at seven, return home at five in the evening, study/do assignments till 2 in the morning and then get three hours’ worth of sleep. Problem is, the Indian education system. People praise India’s education. I honestly don’t see why. India has, in my opinion, one of the worst education systems in the world. I doubt if it’s even better than North Korea. You go to school/uni, you attend lectures, and then you go home and are expected to cram them all with no practical education/knowledge whatsoever. But then again, first year has common subjects to all Engineering streams so that I am not really studying any subjects related to computer at the moment.

Then there’s the “Required attendance” policy, which requires that you attend 75% of the class. You’re not allowed to leave the university before the time ends (4 PM), you’re not allowed to wander the halls and you’re not allowed to go to the library and search for books even in your “Library” period. Yes, we do have a library period, however, it’s basically spent on listening to some idiot babble about “Library projects and presentations.”

I have no time to game either. All my games are now sitting on my desk, gathering dust. Sometimes I wonder if “Engineering” is really the thing I want to do, and even if I do, is India really a good country for it?

Is getting older really like this, when you will have to keep following others and you have to stop pursuing your dreams? When you’re still treated as a child despite being expected to show maturity when it comes to topics like lax education system and problems with professors.

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