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Skyrim Obsession

I have been playing Skyrim since it came out. I had pre-ordered it, and got my copy on 10th of November, one night before everybody else.  Since then, it is one of the games I’ve spent so much of my time (60 hours in) and haven’t regretted it since.

How about MMOs, you say? My friend, I am not a big fan of Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs. I refuse to play World of Warcraft. One reasons is that I’ve got no friends who play the game regularly, and I don’t want to waste too many hours in an MMO.

Skyrim is different. It’s exquisite. I’ve spent about 40 hours in Oblivion. I haven’t even completed its quest, but Skyrim kept me hooked from the start. The Dragons, the Dark Brotherhood and a few side quests are equally interesting.  The world doesn’t feel dull, unlike so many games. The world feels alive and different.  Here are my three reasons why I can’t stop playing it:


Yes, Skyrim is based on decisions. The choices you make will make you celebrated or hated in a region. For example, if you are a member of thieves guild and threatened a bartender to get her money, you’ll receive no end of harassing lines from the customers even after your 100th visit. Similarly, if you helped someone, they’ll often say, “You’ve been a good friend to me, that means something.”


Like you haven’t figured it out already. I haven’t completed the main quest yet but I am trying to find all shouts and capture souls of more dragons in the game. So far, I believe I have about half the shouts there are (Correct me when I am wrong) – “Dragonrend, Fire breath, Ice form, Aura Whisper, Unrelenting force, Whirlwind Sprint, Clear Skies and one more I can’t remember on the top of my head right now.”


Yes, the world is big, but what about quests? The quests are varied and enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the Dark Brotherhood quests which are exceptionally crafted.


Companions. Companions should be more lively, for example, offering to tell their story as the main quest proceeds.

Dark Brotherhood is another assassins’ base. Dark brotherhood was coated in mystery the first time I killed someone, finding Astrid on the top of the shelf with clothes covering half of her face. The mystery turned into awkwardness as soon as I set foot in the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Casualty and Dark Brotherhood don’t mix.

My initial review would be 95/100 for the game. Full review coming soon if I am able to finish it before my exams.


What I’ll be doing in next few months…

Writing poems is a hobby of mine. I love writing. However, due my love of games and books, I’ll also be publishing novel and game reviews in the upcoming months. Most, if not all, books will be Young-Adult novels. Games would range from old to new alike. I don’t have infinite amount of money so it’s possible that I don’t have some of the newer games. (Yes, I don’t have Saints Row : The Third)

I’ll also be posting about how I manage between school and gaming but that’s kind of in flux right now.

Anyway. Topics for next month : Games, Novels and more poems (duh!).


Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets perfect 40/40 from Famitsu!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 received a perfect whopping 40/40 from Famitsu earlier today. Well, I did expect that. Well done Square-Enix! So less Square-Enix loyalists are left these days 😦


FIFA vs Pro Evolution Soccer?

There have been a lot of discussions and reviews out there on FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, which is commonly called as PES, but I feel like I needed to give my own opinion on this matter.


While Pro Evolution Soccer’s graphics are good, FIFA wins this round clearly. It features authenticate and gorgeous visuals and doesn’t need anything else to make things in its favor.

Winner: FIFA


This is a tough one. While FIFA has better menu music and sounds, PES features awesome in-game sounds. You’ll feel the pressure and thrill more with frequent chanting and yelling in PES. Here’s the winner, but just by a slight margin.

Winner: PES


Here’s were PES sucks. Literally, it sucks. Want to know why? Play any PES game and you’ll know why. Take an example. I scored a goal, and the commentator announces that it’s a goal after a slight wait. I mean, come on! Grow up, will ya? While scoring a goal in FIFA results in instant cheers and even commentators abandon whatever sentence they were saying and focus on the goal, PES makes no attempt to do so.

Winner: FIFA


Another tough one. While FIFA has better in-game visuals and cut-scenes, it lacks in one thing: vastness. FIFA has a limited amount of animations available for the players, while PES manages it perfectly. A few examples here:

  • When somebody pushes you or you fall to the ground, there’s a better chance that you’re going to need a stretcher in PES 😛
  • While making substitutes, PES shows the players getting a hug from the coach and stuff.
  • GOAL!!! NO wait, It’s offside!!! << One of the things which will, and definitely WILL, piss you off. You just scored a goal, and are now celebrating, but suddenly they show up the linesman, and referee comes running to the player and says that it’s not a goal, leaving you staring open-mouthed at the screen.

Clearly, PES is the winner here.


Well, while it’s fun to play PES, it would be better if it features genuine teams and stadiums. I see no thrills while playing for teams I haven’t even heard about! Which, in fact, they just made up!

Winner: FIFA.


While PES still manages to catch up, it lags behind FIFA’s fluid controls and motions. PES looks like it’s stuck up somewhere with laggy controls which, in fact, fail to respond several times.

Winner: FIFA

I know that I have left a few pointers here and there, but I don’t want to spoil the fun. Want to see a better football? Buy both and you’ll see what I mean 😉

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