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Cries of A little Child

One of the poems I wrote when I was ten. I know it’s not good, but it isn’t supposed to be. You’d get the gist of the feelings.

A child cries
In the ruins of the night,
Shatters the silence with all the might
He knows not, what lays up, ahead and apart
But he soon does, with his bleeding heart
‘Stop mother, I beg you!’
‘You make me sick.’ A knife she drew
A wrenching swing
He broke like a twig
‘you’re an abomination, disgusting as a sin’
The child lay there, broken within
Such a sight, a lonely heart
thought it’s the best, to be apart
from the precious life, soul within
carries on like a restless cart
Ever witnessed the history, have you?
Don’t know aout you, but I saw a soul depart.


Faded Soul

My heart torn and faded
under lungs worn black
torn from what they did
worn from what they lack
survival of the heartless
or a world for the true
For those who lack the kindness
of those that dream they pursue
living into the present
while some live in the past
wishing for God’s consent
or a life worth to last
No longer with a reason, for living in the
a green leaf out of season
from inside my heart to steal.

Garden of Shadows

Come on in
To my garden of shadows
See what grows within

Black roses
As far as the eye can see
Twisting vines
Wrapped around the trees

Stone edge walls
So tall and high
Victims of the past
Can you hear their cries?

And here’s the waterfall
So crystal clear
Gaze at your reflection
In this river of tears

Oh and look at the birds!
Black ravens perched on a tree
Inspecting their next victim
They like what they see

Follow the winding path
Made of human bones
Crunching beneath your feet
Like small, fragile stones

The best part is yet to come
The highlight of my show
Gravestones grey with age
Peaceful visitors rest below

Tall and looming trees
Casting shadows everywhere
Its easy to get lost here
In my garden of despair

You should stay longer
Wait until its night
The garden looks breath taking
When bathed in the moon’s light

The fountain of blood
Is over there to your right
Isn’t it wonderful?
Such a beautiful sight

Why do you look scared?
Don’t you like it here?
People always seem to
Treat my garden with fear

I haven’t finished the tour
See there’s the old stone well
My sister was playing there
And accidentally fell

Its so cold & damp
And such a long way down
My little sisters body
Was never even found

And look over at that tree
See that wooden swing?
My mother used to sit there
Gaze at flowers and sing

Its such a shame she fell
And cracked her skull on the ground
It was strange, when i buried her
She was still making sounds

My father tried to burn my garden
What a silly thing to do
He said that it was evil
Now of course that’s not true

Hes with mother now
Beneath this very ground
Again another body
That was nowhere to be found

I haven’t left my garden
In many, many years
I shall remain here till i die
I will be buried right here

My beautiful garden
My only home
Its only me here
But I’m not alone

The Darkness Inside

Tears fall like raindrops
From a soul filled with fear
Fear of darkness within
Both far and so near

Darkness shrouded
By a smiling face
Living in turmoil
This pain that I face

Granting the pain
To do as it’s dark deed
My body and mind
Succumb to it’s greed

It takes me down deeper
To fear and to shame
Depths I can’t fathom
As I feel it’s dark reign

Life as I know it
May soon cease to be
For the pain that laid dormant
Is now free in me

It ravages corners
And every inch of my soul
It tears me to shreds
With a heart black as coal

This pain is alive
I can feel it within
My spirit not willing
To try and stop it again

I give in to pleasure
That is twisted and dark
This pain that’s within
Will soon leave it’s mark

The mark that it leaves
Will be what it does crave
The mark on my tombstone
As I lay in my grave

In this grave of my doing
That I chose to be
For allowing this torture
To fester in me

Life holds no meaning
When hate fear and pain
Are seething inside you
With no good to gain

So come now the sickness
That I so doth crave
And swallow my body
Within your dark grave

Don’t cry for me
As I lay in the ground
I live now in peace
That in life was not found

I hold no more fear
No pain or no hate
I lay still in victory
With death as my mate

Crying eyes no more here
My tears are now dried
As I lay in the darkness
That I lived with inside

My soul is not hurting
My fear is now gone
As my lifeblood stops flowing
In this life of new dawn

A dawn of beginning
Of a new shining sun
Only seen by the departed
Of which I am now one

Light Turns To Dark

Light turns to dark,
It all fades away,
Tonight is the night,
It all falls apart.
Nothing we can do,
Nothing we can say,
No matter the pain we feel,
Tonight we lose it all.
All love disappears,
All faith vanishes,
All hope is lost.
When the darkness falls,
We lose it all.
Light turns to dark,
Happiness to sorrow.
Tonight is the night,
It all fades away.

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