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Autumn’s Leaves

Like tears from the heavens, they fall from the sky.
Knowing that the true challenge of life is accepting to die.
With grace, and agility, they fall to the ground.
Quietly floating down, without making a sound.
Knowing that when the next wind blows in, it will be their last.
Thinking quiet memories of their jubilant past.
So on the ground of darkness, on the ground of things to come,
They spread out their everlasting life, to those to be born back into the sun.


The Mirror

In the mirror life it fades,
In this mirror remains my gaze,
I see what I’ve become,
end this reflection as I smash the mirror,
although the mirror’s in pieces,
I can still see the guilt,
as the reflection slowly fades,
I see the guilt that still remains,
sadness, fear, all that I feel,
have found a home deep inside of me,
inside my mind an evil grows,
inside my heart I find anew,
as I gaze into the mirror,
the mirror that tells all.

In her eyes

In her eyes,
I can see a world all it’s own,
I can see candy fields and clouds of prismic color,
I can see a light mist settling upon a sunlit scene,
Over this scene I watch as doves take flight,
And in the distance, a stream whispers as the wind sings a beautiful melody,
In her eyes, lies the world I long for.
In his eyes,
I have seen a world all it’s own,
I have seen deserts of black sand and clouds as dark as coal,
I watch as acid rain devours a darkened scene,
Beyond this scene, I watch as ravens perch,
In the distance, I listen, I hear no stream, no wind’s heartened tune.
In his eyes, lie demons waiting.

As I sit here…

As I sit here in my desolate room,
and silence takes its tole.
I peer into the sky above,
staring to the moon.
And wonder if this moon,
is the same you look at too.
I wonder if you too are looking to the heavens,
and at this very moment you are thinking of me too.
Staring into the glowing pearl hovering so high above,
I think of how we think the same,
and all that brings us close.
As I begin to think a million things,
my mind as clouded and dark as the sky I see.
I wonder my friend,
are you thinking of me?
Night continues on,
and many things I think.
When morning arrives I’m waiting for you already,
even though you are not there.
So that when I speak to you,
I can tell you about my night.
So dear friend,
just know we are two,
too close in conscience to be parted by any force,
and know you are my best friend and that I turn to you,
when skies get dark and little light I see,
Just know that when things get rough,
I’ll be your light too.

My Moon

In the middle of my thoughts I get lost in my tears,
in the middle of the moment I get lost in my thoughts,
every second of the day I’m lost in some way,
every minute of the hour here I will stay,
every hour of the day your not here to stay,
every time i think of you I get lost in the moment,
you mean the world to lose you we bring the fear.

Fate has found a way of making me weak,
it’s torn my soul from within and laughed in my face,
it’s taken my heart and placed it aside,
it’s taken my mind and used it as a toy,
playing me like an instrument it’s used me a puppet,
in it’s game this way lost I remain.

In the middle of it all it’s got me to wonder,
where were you when my heart cried out,
where were you when everything went a blur,
I’m deaf to the world and left to think,
alone in my thoughts away from the world,
I can’t begin to ask you where you were,
where you were the day that I died?


Just hanging, by a thread, aren’t you?
Keeping up the façade, too?
A perilous place, you know.
This ambiguity of wants and needs
Only creates more confusion
And complicates a simplistic mind.
Wanting to create, needing to be free,
Always searching for personal freedom;
The artistic playground,
To feel unfettered, yet secure,
Where no judgment is passed,
And love is unconditional,
No matter what you’ve done to condemn yourself
To eternal damnation.

A New Start

The rich stream of life flows over me
All of my thoughts cease to be
Lost in the pulsing crimson flood
Reveling in the taste of blood
I am a beast, fierce yet wise
Wild and deadly with ancient eyes
I hunt my prey in soft moonlight
Eternally alive in the welcoming night
The blood I take to stay alive
Blood sweet as honey in a hive
A crimson pulse beneath pale skin
A ritual of innocence and sin
I leave the body to the day
And with the dawn hide away
To rise again at start of night
A flame that burns forever bright

Dark Flame

A cold, dark flame burns within me
A cauldron bubbling with hate and fear
A fire burning ever colder
Yet growing larger with every tear


Oh, must I be kept from an earthen mood
That diamond water so pure and clear

A glorious feeling from me is brood
Oh, curse the absent light of love so dear.


To the world I know as home,
I speak in words filled of sorrow,
The troubles of my modern life,
have filled my mind with words,
these troubles of my life,
have filled my heart with sorrow,
all the troubles in my life,
have filled my pillow with tears.

What has gone wrong?
I cannot explain to another,
my world feels as if caving in,
my mind has fallen to the flame,
my heart has drowned itself,
while my pillows suffocate me.

Shielded from this world I am no longer,
Let me finish my task is done,
for I have little left to live for,
let me go in peace so that no one hears,
let me go for no one cares to listen,
this is my last to all the world,
I shall be as I was before,


Words, words, words,
I can’t stop reading your words,
Believing your words.
Was I so easily led?
Did you find me a succulent
And tasty prey?
Did I satisfy some deep seated
Desire? So intense, at times
It ignited the night.
Gone now, plunged into darkness,
Screaming in a soundless void
Where? Has it gone?
I thrash and moan.
A bound, but willing victim
Of a relentless predator,
Who has devoured my heart.
I feel much like Prometheus,
And you are my eagle,
As each day brings anew
More pain and loss
That slowly eats out my heart.

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