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World Of Darkness

Lying underneath a gothic archway
I stay doomed to your heart
Just looking at your eyes where I could go astray
And spend my life with you, here in the dark

Stare at the crimson sky
Where the moon rises to see your smile
Kiss the stars goodbye
And rest in your own grave for a while

Your absence is so hard to abide
My life became aimless
Wishing you were every second by my side
To hold me in this world of darkness


Cries of The Little Girl

Who hears the cries of the little girl

Yet burning, still her pain

Quieted not by tick nor tock

Replete, misguided shame.

Who hears the cries of the little girl

Who oft had to be so strong

Feigning sturdiness to fix

Her birth she’d felt so wrong.

Who hears the cries of the little girl

Now no one cares to hear her

Her cries are muted – rage and pain are

Pleading to draw nearer

Who hears the cries of the little girl

And if no one then why –

Why didn’t the ones who could have made

A difference even try?

Who hears the cries of the little girl

The perspicacious see

The shout in her averted glaze

Her tacit paucity.

Risks not taken, lovers vexed

Love shown but last on she

Trudging a loner’s road so long –

Lost opportunity.

From the inside looking out

All completely missed

Lessons learned but late in life-

A mere spectator in the mist.

Who hears the cries of the little girl

Tears shed alone and hid.

No one heard the cries of the little girl

Is it not time someone did?

She knows

She lies in her bed

Replaying the memory over and over in her head

Of what it felt like

Of all the pain

And she knows that it’ll happen again

Through the pain and suffering

She finds peace in her own world

And she knows that there h can’t hurt her

She knows that there she is safe

She hears a door slam at the bottom of the stairs

And she knows that he’s coming for her

To get rid of his pain and grief

He hits her until his anger is done

Through the pain and suffering

She finds peace in her own world

And she knows that there he can’t hurt her

She knows that there she is safe

After his rage is gone

He leaves her bleeding on the floor

And she wonders if he really cares

And wonders why her mother left her there

Alone with all this hate and pain

And wants to know if she’s ever been loved

Through the pain and suffering

She finds peace in her own world

And she knows that there he can’t hurt her

She knows that there she is safe

The next day when she gets home from school

He’s already in a rage

And he hurts her and hurts her

Until she can’t take it anymore

And she’s gone

Through the pain and suffering

She found peace in her own world

And she knows that there he can’t hurt her

She knows that there she is safe

Hands of Fate

On the way to college, I practice my lines,

No one can know that I’m just not fine,

It’s hard to bear and no one can see,

The pain I carry round inside of me,

My teachers wonder but they don’t say,

Instead they watch me, all through the day,

Because of the anguish I bottled away,

Not many at school wished for me to stay,

I stood in the corner and watched people go by,

They were happy and laughing whilst I wished to cry,

With the burden of the burning fears,

My relief was published with silent tears,

As I get home, reminders everywhere,

Of my dad and how I just didn’t dare,

When his first put my mum in her place,

I was useless but to stare at her face,

How she was strong, yet cried out of sight,

And I stood back before the one sided fight,

He would move and we would curl up small,

But when mum left that was bad an all,

My little brother moved out of his sight,

But I sat still, and he dimmed the light,

Then the shouting which I tried to ignore,

But made it worse and caused an uproar,

He would ask and I would tell him lies,

Protecting mum I thought it wise,

The cuts and bruises hid with sleeves that are long,

If people found out then my life would be gone,

Now it’s hard to forget the past,

The bruises fade but the pain, it lasts.

And he doesn’t give up, though he’s miles away,

A tear he causes, at least once a day,

Its angers me that he can hurt me so much,

When he doesn’t care if he’s out of touch,

Now my emotions run wild and his face I see,

All his beatings and ravings inside of me,

His messages hurt and his phone calls kill,

Yet I can’t ditch him, not at will,

I live with strange people, that don’t want me,

There’s only one option to set me free,

I want to do, it but people, who care,

Would be beyond upset, I just don’t dare,

Inside I’m crying,

A part of me is dying,

I dejected and broken,

But I’m still hoping . . .

Drowning In The Pain

Drowning in the pain I cut my left

Vain as I drown deep inside I sit

And cry and deep inside I try to

Hide and eh and ever night I want

To end my life.

But as I drown in the pain her face is

There I call her name.

Deep inside a boy who tries to hide

Is a boy who cant get by.

To my friends I am all but fine but no

Can see the pain in my eyes.

Drowning all the pain deep inside please

Someone just end my life with a sharpened


Why must I hide?

Why must I cry?

Why must I be alive?

Why cant someone just drown the

Pain or just lock it all away and leave it

All for another day for this I can only pray.

But I guess I am on my own to fight the pain

Myself just waiting for the pain to die at the

End of my life.

Tears of Pain

Tears of pain
Tears of rain
Tears of blood
Tears that no one can see but me
Sometimes I just want to sit in my room and let the tears flow
Whether it be slow or fast
When I think of all you mean to me and how I mean nothing to you it makes me cry tears of blood
Red, wet, sticky and in my eyes lovely
I bleed these tears
Due to how I worry and stress over you
But I know you don’t stress over me
I cry over you
I pray over you
I pray that you don’t do something that I know oh to well about
I pray you don’t become what I have become and been in the past
I pray you see your future before it may become your past
Gone in a rush and fast at last
Without any thought or care on how u lived your life because then you would be me
Selfish, helpless, worthless,
Then you would to cry tears of blood in the rain and then you would feel the pain of my heart that no one knows about
The pain that I try to hide
The pain that is many colors inside
The colors of my tears
The intense gushing of the red blood that bleed in the rain
I thought you couldn’t see my blood tears but there you are bleeding them with me
Now my fear has come true
Your future has become my past and my past as been gone at last
Since I bleed my last tear of blood there is no need for the life I’ve lived and the blood I’ve shed these were my blood tears
Your future has become your past and your past I refuse to see it gone at last since you have not bleed your last tear of blood there is plenty need to be all you can be
I hope you do not end as me in an inferno of flames and in shame
I hope you do forgive me when you learn the truth of me
I hope you still care about me and live your life to the fullest as I wish I could have done but my life is gone
I’ve shed my last blood tear
By writing this here
I hope you see I couldn’t tell you all there is about me
I couldn’t show you all my tears
It just wouldn’t be me
But now I have and now I feel free
No more tears of pain
No more tears of rain
No more tears of blood
No more tears I’m me
No more tears you will find
No more tears of anger
No more tears of flames

Daddy’s Little Girl, Mommy’s Angel

A cold sad night
The moon shines bright
Casting shadows, creating fright
A poor young girl about 14
Wonders why the worlds so mean
Sitting alone on the bathroom floor
She turns off the light and locks the door
Her pretty face stained with tears
As tension grows so do her fears
Thump, thump, thump her heart beats fast
As she remembers her awful past
The cruelty and hate
Has lead her to this awful fate
She whimpers and cocks the gun
Oh suicide is just no fun
She puts the gun to her head
She pulls the trigger
She forced herself to move that finger
She staggers and falls to her knees
Everything fades
Darkness is all she sees
Ambulances blare
Her parents look on in despair
A poor young girl about 14
Was declared dead at the scene
Her parents cry
Their emotions swirl she was mommy’s angel
And daddy’s little girl

A Thousand Tears

Here you go guys, another poem in the dark depressing poetry I’ve been writing recently:

A thousand tears I have cried,
Before I’ve seen the day I die.
I want no more, I feel no more,
And now I know for what is in store.

The madness within is getting great,
And the reason for life I no longer debate.
My mind it spins and thoughts are glum,
And now I wish it would all be done.

A quiet place I need to be,
So I can see the way you see me.
I need to know what to feel,
So I can be assured That I am real.

I’m so confused and anger felt,
Would you be the one to give me help?
To ease my pain and put out the fire,
In hopes to stop the evil desire.

Lend me a hand or a gun,
It doesn’t matter, pick either one.
Give me council and advice,
Or tell me to pull the trigger twice.

Don’t tell me I need help, I know very well,
Remember? I’m living this nightmarish Hell.
But don’t worry, It will go away, you’ll see.
Who knows, I might even go back to being me.

However, for now, I’m stuck where I am,
On this boat in the sea, with no sight of land.
And here I will ponder how much I can endure,
How long will it last before I am through?

And here I will wonder as thoughts continue to fly,
I’ll sit and I’ll wonder – and a thousand tears I’ll cry


Kill Yourself – Poetry

The Fourth installment in the Dark Poetry series.

Kill Yourself

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Where is your loyalty,
Where is your soul,
All is gone,
Not to return,
Smitten by a holy hand,
Crucified on sacred land,
With all death as a blessing,
And happiness as your sad disguise.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Wondering as a damned soul,
With a story not to be told,
Waiting for a final resting place,
Not to be labeled as a disgrace,
With a gun towards your face,
Despise of the human race,
I know you want to erase,
All of those emotions on your face.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Looking at my mistakes,
It brings tears to her face,
Wretchful hauntings of your past,
Makes the darkness last,
I sit here in the fog,
A ghost dressed in black,
Wondering through this land,
To be smitten by your hand.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Seeing pure red,
Sanity relying on a thread,
I have no need for the sun,
You’re the reason my hearts undone,
What dead men have amd rich require,
She is what all men desire,
All alone I see your face,
But you see me as a disgrace.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Tis what you whisper in my ear,
It makes me shed a tear,
These words are for no man to hear,
All of which are to much to bare,
You have a smile on your face,
Now I know I don’t belong,
I wonder why I am here,
As you whisper in my ear.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I feel as if I’m not real,
For Twas no reason of blasphemy,
Brings me down and breaks me up,
The pieces fall to the ground,
For my pieces surround my corpse,
It just brings such remorse,
But your voice screams in my mind.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You tore me from the bone,
You tore me from myself,
Does it make you happy now?
I hear all your screams,
And I hear all your tears,
As I start to draw my blood,
Does it make you happy now?
With this blood I write the following.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You want me to stop,
You want me to be gone?
But I have just begun,
I am the only one undone,
And you will never know how far I’ve come,
So go look at this circle I made,
It’s just a mere pool of blood,
Which I have just started to create.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

It’s, so long.
I wish you well.
I told you how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well then, so long.
Don’t cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least I tried.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Why are you so hidden?
Being oblivious to the problem,
All these things conceived due to you,
Originating from your wound,
You hurt me,
And crucified me,
This was a sacred land,
That you tainted with my blood.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I watch the blood run down your face,
But don’t take notice,
You watch the blood run down my arms,
Still don’t take notice,
I want tojump down,
Let me get off my fuckin cross,
I need the fuckin space to nail the next fool martyr.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You crawled away from me,
Slipped away from me,
I tried to keep ahold,
but there was nothing I could say,
You slid and crept away,
and there was nothing I could say,
So what you’re trying to say
is you don’t wanna play?

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You see me about to go,
You try to have me stop,
You mean nothing to me now,
You’re only my cause,
I wanted to remain at least friends,
But thats not good enough for you,
So I’ll be your little dead toy,
Does that make you fucking happy?

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I don’t want to go,
You make me not want to stay,
You want to be with me again now?
I’ll just walk away,
It’s to late,
So just watch me,
Are you happy,
As I bleed in vain.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I have a story to tell,
About my adventure to hell,
There’s nobody to tell,
It’s time to bleed,
It’s time to bleed on the floor,
My heart isn’t beating anymore,
I love you but now you’re gone,
Look at what I have become.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You see me there,
You stare in awe,
Remember what you have done,
For I shall haunt your mind,
And I shall be you’re guilt,
You promised me,
“If you die before me Quinton, I’ll stay…”
Time to keep your promise.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Goodbye- Poetry

Third installment of Dark Poetry series…


I don’t know how much more I can take

I am ready to give in to the hate

I have towards myself

And stop causing pain to everybody else

Cutting and bleeding is no longer good enough

I’m just about ready to really give up

I’m sorry to those who will suffer from it

But in time you’ll get better, bit by bit

If I stayed the pain you feel would never end

Because I always cause hurt, especially to friends

So goodbye my loves, hope you understand

The pain I feel is now too great to withstand.



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