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Dark and Betrayed

Today this boy looks at himself in the mirror
Wondering who is staring back at him
The warm tears begin to fall
He sees his image starting to blur
The boy in the
Mirror is not so familiar
Betrayed by those around him he loses his identity
A feeling of grievance and uselessness settles in
Alone in the darkness he contemplates his next move
A million thoughts and voices run through
His mind as he grabs that wretched piece of thin metal
The beautiful eyes from above watch in pain
As this boy below struggles with himself
The voices and thoughts cease to run…
And silence is all that exists in his cold room now
The crying will soon begin for this boy who
Has been placed in the darkness



A Thousand Tears

Here you go guys, another poem in the dark depressing poetry I’ve been writing recently:

A thousand tears I have cried,
Before I’ve seen the day I die.
I want no more, I feel no more,
And now I know for what is in store.

The madness within is getting great,
And the reason for life I no longer debate.
My mind it spins and thoughts are glum,
And now I wish it would all be done.

A quiet place I need to be,
So I can see the way you see me.
I need to know what to feel,
So I can be assured That I am real.

I’m so confused and anger felt,
Would you be the one to give me help?
To ease my pain and put out the fire,
In hopes to stop the evil desire.

Lend me a hand or a gun,
It doesn’t matter, pick either one.
Give me council and advice,
Or tell me to pull the trigger twice.

Don’t tell me I need help, I know very well,
Remember? I’m living this nightmarish Hell.
But don’t worry, It will go away, you’ll see.
Who knows, I might even go back to being me.

However, for now, I’m stuck where I am,
On this boat in the sea, with no sight of land.
And here I will ponder how much I can endure,
How long will it last before I am through?

And here I will wonder as thoughts continue to fly,
I’ll sit and I’ll wonder – and a thousand tears I’ll cry


What’s the fuss about Open Source and Proprietary software?

Go to some company and tell them about a free product that outsmarts theirs…they will fuss over the free software and free software culture. Now, go to some foss activist, and talk to them about some proprietary software or Microsoft. They will start harassing them. I ask you, why? Why are we deepening the bay between free software culture and proprietary software culture? The answers lie in our minds, deep…buried, because we never want to reveal them. Each one has its own significance. Take the example…you are a techno-geek who has just passed out from the college, securing excellent marks, and you look around for jobs. All you get is the slogan of free software and develop free software. Will you get paid? Yes, only in a few cases. Most of the work is volunteer-based, so you won’t get paid for it. There are the questions related to this main question. Is Proprietary software bad? No, actually, they aren’t. I am also a foss-activist, but unlike some others, I do not criticize proprietary software. I do not have enough abilities to do so. People might say that I am a foss-activist and I am supporting proprietary software. I am not taking anyone’s side. I am on my way, on both sides; there are two worlds…foss and non-foss. Choose what fascinates you. Let’s talk about advantages. Microsoft has recently built an excellent operating system, Windows 7, which covers all of the uncovered or incomplete aspects of Windows Vista and Windows XP. Of course, I do not deny, and nor Microsoft will, that Windows Vista hadn’t gained as much popularity as Windows XP or Windows 98 did. Some FOSS activists call it the ultimate failure of Vista. I do not agree. Even if Vista hadn’t been much popular, it isn’t a failure. Now, Windows 7 is an appealing product of Microsoft Corporation, but what I feel about it is that it’s priced too high – in the view, too high for students, and economic classes. So, not everybody will benefit from it. But still, Microsoft has managed a great product so far! And I bet this will be the product in the near future that’ll bring most revenue to them. Also, proprietary software includes great support and help from manufacturer. So, it’s a good deal. Score: Proprietary Software 1:0 FOSS – Free & Open Source Software, like my own group, Free & Open Source Software For Youth Foundation has its own significance. However, I am going to start my own proprietary group, so no offence! Free software has no limitations on how you use them, except being free too. So, this is one advantage…oops! Two advantages over proprietary software…use them or throw them in dustbin…you can use them anyway…no matter how. Now, there is one gaping hole, because the software are free and there are very few organizations offering free software…(Please note that ‘very few’ is in context of total organizations…5 every 100)…so, there is a lack of support and patches, as well as people with low enthusiasm towards free software. But overall, it doesn’t stop me to say that FOSS is great! Score: Proprietary 1:1 FOSS Results: What I think is that FOSS and Proprietary software are just two wheels of a cart. Both have their own position and dependencies and effects and reliabilities. Just like Microsoft is manufacturing good products in past few years, and FOSS activists and organizations are also handing out free software, I can’t deny that this battle will go on, but why? And, for what? We shouldn’t deepen the bay between them, but, we should bond them together. Proprietary software and free software should be bound together, because, both of theirs target is one: Give customers enough satisfaction with their products. So, why not end this war? Only if FOSS and Proprietary software will work together, will they be able to attract more customers, users and who knows, this theory might change the world!

Top 5 Novels to read this week!

Ahoy again. Here I am, with a list of 5  novels to read this week. I hope you have read the previous books I mentioned in my previous list.

  • Looking For Alaska -John Green
  • Wintergirls – Laurie Halse Anderson
  • The Golden Compass (Northern Lights) – Philip Pullman
  • Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Steig Larsson

Remember, you have to read these books starting from Sunday, February 20, 2011 to Sunday, February 27, 2011 🙂

Songs to Listen Today!

Hey guys,

I have compiled (again) a list of 10 songs to listen to for today. Here you go:

  1. Battlefield – Jodin Sparks
  2. Eyes Wide Shut – JLS
  3. Mortician’s Daughter – Black Veil Brides
  4. Fabula Nova Crystallis – Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack
  5. Blinded By Light – Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack
  6. Lightning’s Theme – Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack
  7. Eyes on Me – Faye Wong (Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack)
  8. Suki Nanda- Younha
  9. Never Say Never – Justin Bieber
  10. Let Go – Aaron Carter

Bonus : Losing Grip : Avril Lavigne.

Don’t forget to comment. See you next week 😉

Kill Yourself – Poetry

The Fourth installment in the Dark Poetry series.

Kill Yourself

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Where is your loyalty,
Where is your soul,
All is gone,
Not to return,
Smitten by a holy hand,
Crucified on sacred land,
With all death as a blessing,
And happiness as your sad disguise.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Wondering as a damned soul,
With a story not to be told,
Waiting for a final resting place,
Not to be labeled as a disgrace,
With a gun towards your face,
Despise of the human race,
I know you want to erase,
All of those emotions on your face.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Looking at my mistakes,
It brings tears to her face,
Wretchful hauntings of your past,
Makes the darkness last,
I sit here in the fog,
A ghost dressed in black,
Wondering through this land,
To be smitten by your hand.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Seeing pure red,
Sanity relying on a thread,
I have no need for the sun,
You’re the reason my hearts undone,
What dead men have amd rich require,
She is what all men desire,
All alone I see your face,
But you see me as a disgrace.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Tis what you whisper in my ear,
It makes me shed a tear,
These words are for no man to hear,
All of which are to much to bare,
You have a smile on your face,
Now I know I don’t belong,
I wonder why I am here,
As you whisper in my ear.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I feel as if I’m not real,
For Twas no reason of blasphemy,
Brings me down and breaks me up,
The pieces fall to the ground,
For my pieces surround my corpse,
It just brings such remorse,
But your voice screams in my mind.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You tore me from the bone,
You tore me from myself,
Does it make you happy now?
I hear all your screams,
And I hear all your tears,
As I start to draw my blood,
Does it make you happy now?
With this blood I write the following.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You want me to stop,
You want me to be gone?
But I have just begun,
I am the only one undone,
And you will never know how far I’ve come,
So go look at this circle I made,
It’s just a mere pool of blood,
Which I have just started to create.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

It’s, so long.
I wish you well.
I told you how you weren’t afraid to die.
Well then, so long.
Don’t cry.
Or feel too down.
Not all martyrs see divinity.
But at least I tried.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Why are you so hidden?
Being oblivious to the problem,
All these things conceived due to you,
Originating from your wound,
You hurt me,
And crucified me,
This was a sacred land,
That you tainted with my blood.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I watch the blood run down your face,
But don’t take notice,
You watch the blood run down my arms,
Still don’t take notice,
I want tojump down,
Let me get off my fuckin cross,
I need the fuckin space to nail the next fool martyr.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You crawled away from me,
Slipped away from me,
I tried to keep ahold,
but there was nothing I could say,
You slid and crept away,
and there was nothing I could say,
So what you’re trying to say
is you don’t wanna play?

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You see me about to go,
You try to have me stop,
You mean nothing to me now,
You’re only my cause,
I wanted to remain at least friends,
But thats not good enough for you,
So I’ll be your little dead toy,
Does that make you fucking happy?

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I don’t want to go,
You make me not want to stay,
You want to be with me again now?
I’ll just walk away,
It’s to late,
So just watch me,
Are you happy,
As I bleed in vain.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

I have a story to tell,
About my adventure to hell,
There’s nobody to tell,
It’s time to bleed,
It’s time to bleed on the floor,
My heart isn’t beating anymore,
I love you but now you’re gone,
Look at what I have become.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

You see me there,
You stare in awe,
Remember what you have done,
For I shall haunt your mind,
And I shall be you’re guilt,
You promised me,
“If you die before me Quinton, I’ll stay…”
Time to keep your promise.

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Kill yourself

Goodbye- Poetry

Third installment of Dark Poetry series…


I don’t know how much more I can take

I am ready to give in to the hate

I have towards myself

And stop causing pain to everybody else

Cutting and bleeding is no longer good enough

I’m just about ready to really give up

I’m sorry to those who will suffer from it

But in time you’ll get better, bit by bit

If I stayed the pain you feel would never end

Because I always cause hurt, especially to friends

So goodbye my loves, hope you understand

The pain I feel is now too great to withstand.



My Life isn’t a pretty picture -Poetry

The second installment of the dark poetry series…

My Life isn’t a pretty picture

My life’s not a pretty picture.

Or like a love song played on the radio.

I’ve had my share of heart breaks

and crying ’til it aches.

All these years

trying to hold back tears.


And I dont know

what to say;

Where to go;

What to do.


I dont know


I’ve been through so much pain.

How can I just let it go?


My life’s a tragic story.

A story never told

but never gets old.

My life is far from perfect

but not quite horrific.

If you dont understand

walk a mile in my shoes

if you’d care to.


I dont know

where to go

but there’s one way to go

and that’s up from here.

I dont care

if my destination is near

because the journey

makes it worth the wait

and I know it’s gonna be great.


My life’s not a pretty picture.

Or like a love song played on the radio.

But no more heart breaks

or crying till it aches.

Nothing will break me apart.

Here I stand.

I stand strong

Top 5 Novels to read this week!

Hey fellas, If you are wondering, yes, I am going to write this blog regularly from now on. Topic? Oh, let’s see…you like reading books, don’t you? Even if you don’t, Here’s some books that are bound to get you into reading habits. Almost everybody has read classics, like Kill a Mockingbird and Wuthering Heights (ME? No, I haven’t read either).

Five novels to read this week:

-Th1rteen R3asons Why(Thirteen Reasons Why) by Jay Asher

-Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

-Evernight by Claudia Gray

-The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

-Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen

I hope you don’t mind that I am counting on you to read 5 novels in a week. It is difficult, and not everyone has got the time. If you can’t do it in a week, take two, but these are the novels you should read before you die. Every week, I’d be posting 5 novels which you should read. Don’t hesitate to comment and tell me your views. Later.

Sony Unveils PSP2 or NGP

Sony Computers recently unveiled their much anticipated Playstation portable 2 system, or the PSP2, which is officially codenamed “NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE”. There had been rumors going around about PSP2 for months, and now that Sony has really announced it officially. Twitter and internet chatter is bound to go on for a long time.

Here is a teaser and features of PSP2:

The new PSP2 system has two touch screens, well, One touch screen and one touch pad, on the back of the system. The system has two analog sticks and six-axis motion sensor as well as three axis electronic compass, and microphone, of course. The System features a 5 inch HD OLED with 960×544 resolution.

The System also has 3G and WiFi connectivity and GPS and excellent design, assigning the volume and power button under the console. The PSP2 has two camera’s, one facing the user and other facing away from them.

So, is this the new gaming revolution? OR has the battle between Sony and Nintendo just heated up? We shall see 🙂

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