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How to Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 in HTC Explorer

It’s been a while since HTC released a list of the devices which will get Official ICS update to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Some devices, like HTC Explorer were left out in the wild. Now, thanks to some developers at XDA, we finally have Android ICS for the little device. All credits are due to derefas for the build and savvas for the kernel.

What’s Not Working


-Bluetooth(Fixed, will be released in the next build)

-Voice search

Download Latest version of Google Apps for ICS from the repository :

Download the Cyanogenmod 9 Build 2 here : (Just click the link displayed after you fill out the number challenge)…

For the first time Installers :

– Root (If you don’t know what I am talking about, you’re in the wrong section. will solve it for you.
– Copy The Google Apps and The to your SD Card’s base directory.
– Boot into Recovery by holding down Vol-Down button while powering up the device. Select Recovery via the vol-up and vol-down buttons after booting into bootloader(Skating androids). Navigate to “Recovery” and press the power button.

– Select Data Wipe/Factory reset

– Choose Install Zip From SD Card –> Choose Zip –>
– Flash CM9 zip from SDCard
– Same way, Flash Google Apps zip from SDCard
– Reboot
– Install Youtube and Google Maps from PlayStore as they’re not included.

Upgrading from earlier version of CyanogenMod 9:
– Copy CM9 ZIP to your SDCard
– Boot into Recovery
– Flash CM9 zip from SDCard
– Reboot

That’s it. You’re now running Android 4.0.4 ICS on your HTC Explorer.



Like no feathers
Anchors dropping like clouds on Hiroshima
The brilliant blue whimpers to crimson
In the hue of this
Frozen cry.

The bones shake
An odd percussion
The pale child with holes in her heart
Stares vacantly into this holy space,
This holy place of soulless good intentions.

My eyes are grey windows to nothing
My vision frail & failing
This raft of blank terror
Without weight.

Cries of A little Child

One of the poems I wrote when I was ten. I know it’s not good, but it isn’t supposed to be. You’d get the gist of the feelings.

A child cries
In the ruins of the night,
Shatters the silence with all the might
He knows not, what lays up, ahead and apart
But he soon does, with his bleeding heart
‘Stop mother, I beg you!’
‘You make me sick.’ A knife she drew
A wrenching swing
He broke like a twig
‘you’re an abomination, disgusting as a sin’
The child lay there, broken within
Such a sight, a lonely heart
thought it’s the best, to be apart
from the precious life, soul within
carries on like a restless cart
Ever witnessed the history, have you?
Don’t know aout you, but I saw a soul depart.


butterfly eyes
and sweetly flies
tracing the lines of her tears to touch the skies
following quickly into the shadows of she
so lined in the gravity of her sighs
and the starkly whispered cries
of memories, the false histories, twisted reveries
sunken far into the wilting frame,
pinned up into the masonry of ruptured ties,
raptured lies
steeped hotly into the funeral of they
splitting evenly the sickening disguise
of their deceptive compromise…
and softly goodbye

If you need me

When the day comes to an end,
And you feel you need a friend,
I hope you understand,
That I will give you a hand,
If you need me…

And when you’re feeling blue,
And need a better view,
I hope you realize,
That I will give you advice,
If you need me…

And if you’re feeling sad,
Or something’s made you mad,
I hope you know I’ll talk,
Or take you for a walk,
If you need me…

If you just need someone there,
Remember I am here,
I hope you know where I’ll be,
You can always come to me,
If you need me…

My other blog

Just wanted to let you know of my other blog, which, is better than this blog and is better customized. I spend more time there 🙂

and soon, my URL: will be live, so you can enjoy my poems and songs there as well.



Faded Soul

My heart torn and faded
under lungs worn black
torn from what they did
worn from what they lack
survival of the heartless
or a world for the true
For those who lack the kindness
of those that dream they pursue
living into the present
while some live in the past
wishing for God’s consent
or a life worth to last
No longer with a reason, for living in the
a green leaf out of season
from inside my heart to steal.

Intoxicated By Death

The fear in their eyes,
I want to see their pain,
The sight of torture motivates me,
The quiver in their voices,
I want to hear their terror,
The sound of bones splintering moves me,
The shame in their hearts,
I want to humiliate them further,
The smell of blood excites me,
The panic in their minds,
I want to imagine their dismay,
The thought of flesh ripping fascinates me,
I sharpen my knives,
Then go seek my next victims,
Am I taking lives?
No, I am giving them away.
What’s one more life?
There are plenty of others.
I feel no shame.
There is no time to feel it.
Life is short.
Might as well enjoy.
Am I disturbed?
No, I am intoxicated by death.

Tears of Pain

Tears of pain
Tears of rain
Tears of blood
Tears that no one can see but me
Sometimes I just want to sit in my room and let the tears flow
Whether it be slow or fast
When I think of all you mean to me and how I mean nothing to you it makes me cry tears of blood
Red, wet, sticky and in my eyes lovely
I bleed these tears
Due to how I worry and stress over you
But I know you don’t stress over me
I cry over you
I pray over you
I pray that you don’t do something that I know oh to well about
I pray you don’t become what I have become and been in the past
I pray you see your future before it may become your past
Gone in a rush and fast at last
Without any thought or care on how u lived your life because then you would be me
Selfish, helpless, worthless,
Then you would to cry tears of blood in the rain and then you would feel the pain of my heart that no one knows about
The pain that I try to hide
The pain that is many colors inside
The colors of my tears
The intense gushing of the red blood that bleed in the rain
I thought you couldn’t see my blood tears but there you are bleeding them with me
Now my fear has come true
Your future has become my past and my past as been gone at last
Since I bleed my last tear of blood there is no need for the life I’ve lived and the blood I’ve shed these were my blood tears
Your future has become your past and your past I refuse to see it gone at last since you have not bleed your last tear of blood there is plenty need to be all you can be
I hope you do not end as me in an inferno of flames and in shame
I hope you do forgive me when you learn the truth of me
I hope you still care about me and live your life to the fullest as I wish I could have done but my life is gone
I’ve shed my last blood tear
By writing this here
I hope you see I couldn’t tell you all there is about me
I couldn’t show you all my tears
It just wouldn’t be me
But now I have and now I feel free
No more tears of pain
No more tears of rain
No more tears of blood
No more tears I’m me
No more tears you will find
No more tears of anger
No more tears of flames

Daddy’s Little Girl, Mommy’s Angel

A cold sad night
The moon shines bright
Casting shadows, creating fright
A poor young girl about 14
Wonders why the worlds so mean
Sitting alone on the bathroom floor
She turns off the light and locks the door
Her pretty face stained with tears
As tension grows so do her fears
Thump, thump, thump her heart beats fast
As she remembers her awful past
The cruelty and hate
Has lead her to this awful fate
She whimpers and cocks the gun
Oh suicide is just no fun
She puts the gun to her head
She pulls the trigger
She forced herself to move that finger
She staggers and falls to her knees
Everything fades
Darkness is all she sees
Ambulances blare
Her parents look on in despair
A poor young girl about 14
Was declared dead at the scene
Her parents cry
Their emotions swirl she was mommy’s angel
And daddy’s little girl
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