What I’ll be doing in next few months…

Writing poems is a hobby of mine. I love writing. However, due my love of games and books, I’ll also be publishing novel and game reviews in the upcoming months. Most, if not all, books will be Young-Adult novels. Games would range from old to new alike. I don’t have infinite amount of money so it’s possible that I don’t have some of the newer games. (Yes, I don’t have Saints Row : The Third)

I’ll also be posting about how I manage between school and gaming but that’s kind of in flux right now.

Anyway. Topics for next month : Games, Novels and more poems (duh!).



Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets perfect 40/40 from Famitsu!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 received a perfect whopping 40/40 from Famitsu earlier today. Well, I did expect that. Well done Square-Enix! So less Square-Enix loyalists are left these days 😦


India and Censorship

I know that it is a poetry blog, but still, I recently read an article on NewYork times about censorship of internet in India. Well, the government is falling apart, isn’t it? First the beat the protestors and now this?

So now they’re afraid that rallies and motions and protests are going to be organized against them on the social networking sites and they’re now seeking to Screen what’s posted on social networking sites?

What happens if Facebook doesn’t agree to it? Would they ban facebook too?
Censorship is a very, very bad idea. Look what’s happening in China.

India, is slowly moving towards Constitutional Dictatorship.

Original News : http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/12/05/india-asks-google-facebook-others-to-screen-user-content/#comments


After A Snow Shower

I walked through the sad remnants of summer’s grasses.
The snow which had just fallen seemed to float ethereally above the ground like angel’s wings.
The fallen leaves formed cups with which to catch a taste of the coming winter.
The red, waxy branches of a thornbush were like an ultraviolet light,
standing out against the now dull underbrush.
I sighed, and my breath, caught in winter’s wiles, became a being of its own,
and took up its flight to an unknown destination.


Autumn’s Leaves

Like tears from the heavens, they fall from the sky.
Knowing that the true challenge of life is accepting to die.
With grace, and agility, they fall to the ground.
Quietly floating down, without making a sound.
Knowing that when the next wind blows in, it will be their last.
Thinking quiet memories of their jubilant past.
So on the ground of darkness, on the ground of things to come,
They spread out their everlasting life, to those to be born back into the sun.

A Knight of Cups

Cerebral stimulation, surrounded by comfort.
Oh, and bliss, did I mention, bliss?
You do, literally, take my breath away.
Yet we managed to connect, after a near-miss. So many similarities, the mind reels.
Deep layers, to the fundamental core.
We have in common, the cave,
Our ultimate sanctuary, where we recharge. My knight in shining tweed,
You’ve come to my rescue, every time.
The totally mutual caring for each other,
Is something I’ve never had simultaneously. This is a wonderful gift.
My pessimism is speechless.
Never thought I’d feel this good,
This far down the road.

The Mirror

In the mirror life it fades,
In this mirror remains my gaze,
I see what I’ve become,
end this reflection as I smash the mirror,
although the mirror’s in pieces,
I can still see the guilt,
as the reflection slowly fades,
I see the guilt that still remains,
sadness, fear, all that I feel,
have found a home deep inside of me,
inside my mind an evil grows,
inside my heart I find anew,
as I gaze into the mirror,
the mirror that tells all.

In her eyes

In her eyes,
I can see a world all it’s own,
I can see candy fields and clouds of prismic color,
I can see a light mist settling upon a sunlit scene,
Over this scene I watch as doves take flight,
And in the distance, a stream whispers as the wind sings a beautiful melody,
In her eyes, lies the world I long for.
In his eyes,
I have seen a world all it’s own,
I have seen deserts of black sand and clouds as dark as coal,
I watch as acid rain devours a darkened scene,
Beyond this scene, I watch as ravens perch,
In the distance, I listen, I hear no stream, no wind’s heartened tune.
In his eyes, lie demons waiting.

In the first place God made idiots; that was for practice; then he made school boards.

As I sit here…

As I sit here in my desolate room,
and silence takes its tole.
I peer into the sky above,
staring to the moon.
And wonder if this moon,
is the same you look at too.
I wonder if you too are looking to the heavens,
and at this very moment you are thinking of me too.
Staring into the glowing pearl hovering so high above,
I think of how we think the same,
and all that brings us close.
As I begin to think a million things,
my mind as clouded and dark as the sky I see.
I wonder my friend,
are you thinking of me?
Night continues on,
and many things I think.
When morning arrives I’m waiting for you already,
even though you are not there.
So that when I speak to you,
I can tell you about my night.
So dear friend,
just know we are two,
too close in conscience to be parted by any force,
and know you are my best friend and that I turn to you,
when skies get dark and little light I see,
Just know that when things get rough,
I’ll be your light too.

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