Cries of A little Child

One of the poems I wrote when I was ten. I know it’s not good, but it isn’t supposed to be. You’d get the gist of the feelings.

A child cries
In the ruins of the night,
Shatters the silence with all the might
He knows not, what lays up, ahead and apart
But he soon does, with his bleeding heart
‘Stop mother, I beg you!’
‘You make me sick.’ A knife she drew
A wrenching swing
He broke like a twig
‘you’re an abomination, disgusting as a sin’
The child lay there, broken within
Such a sight, a lonely heart
thought it’s the best, to be apart
from the precious life, soul within
carries on like a restless cart
Ever witnessed the history, have you?
Don’t know aout you, but I saw a soul depart.


About Abhishek Indoria

Hello! My name is Abhishek Indoria, I am 18, I love technology and gaming, especially Final Fantasy and Persona series and I love to get into philosophical, political and interesting debates. Hit me up on twitter if you're interested in talking : or on facebook :

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